Time Journal is in the process of transitioning to a new home!

Since its release, Time Journal has continued to evolve and so has my obsession with productivity improvement and professional organization. As such, January of 2014 marked the opening of Essence Apps and the creation of a new home for all things Time Journal. The user guide has been expanded and improved as well.

Another change is the addition of a service we call My Productivity Coach. So, check that out as well.

And, one more thing, don’t worry, the team isn’t changing and we have more products, features, and services in development.

Thank you for all you support over the last few years!


“Time Journals. Time is the commodity,
you better find out where your time is going.
So, monitor yourself, and update it
throughout the day.” ~ Randy Pausch
“Tracking your time shouldn’t take time.” ~ Josh Bruce
“You don’t manage five minutes
and wind up with six.” ~ David Allen, Getting Things Done
“True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation.
It’s about bringing order to complexity.” ~ Jony Ive
“Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought.” ~ William Hazlitt

Tracking in Time Journal is done through clocks representing
tasks you perform regularly.

Time Journal’s tracking interface is designed to maximize feedback and functionality with minimal interference and distraction. Running clocks appear above the new clock button, while paused clocks appear below. Child clocks are accessible through the Child Clock List button to the right of the clock name and allow for more detailed tracking. A blue dot indicates that a primary clock has children. Further, if a main clock has running children, the number of running children will appear within the circle.

The New Clock button allows you to quickly build your list of clocks on-the-fly as you move through your day.New clocks begin life running and, if paused in under 10 seconds, will not save an entry. Details for the clock can be accessed through the “more” button when editing a clock.

Clocks can be started or stopped with a single tap of the clock. Further, clocks are sorted by last start time; meaning the clocks you use most will begin to appear at the top of the list.


Every design decision is made, tested, and rethought in an effort to decrease the amount of time required for you to effectively track your time. One such decision is in the Add/Edit Entry button to the left of the clock name:

  • If a clock is running, tapping this button will automatically present the running entry; making it easy to adjust the start time for those instances when you forget to start the clock.
  • If a clock is paused, tapping the add/edit entry button will present the entry with the most recent stop time; for those moments when you forget to stop the clock.
  • Finally, tapping and holding for a second will let you add a new entry manually.

In-app analysis includes percent usage information using a set of date ranges including: Today, Yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the last 90 days, or all of the entries available.

Percent usage data is also included in the Time Entry list for individuals clocks, which can be viewed using the Time Entry List button in the percent usage area or through the clock details view, allowing you to see what entries contributed the most to the total.

From the analysis area you can choose to export entries to either the Calendar app or a spreadsheet (using CSV format):

  • When entries are exported to the Calendar app, Time Journal checks if the entry exists where expected and skips that entry, expediting the process. However, if anything about the entry is changed (either in Time Journal or the Calendar app), the entry may be exported again.
  • All entries within the specified date range will be exported to the destination (except in the previously mentioned Calendar app export).
  • Spreadsheets can be viewed within Time Journal, sent to other apps capable of viewing/editing the CSV file format (Numbers, for example), emailed, or shared via AirDrop.

Please direct questions, comments, or concerns, to:
support [at] apps [dot] joshuabruce.com